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WWW February 2021

Women, Wealth and Wellness – February 2021

WWW January 2021

Women, Wealth and Wellness – January 2021

LPL Outlook 2021

MORE THAN MOST YEARS, it’s hard to look ahead to the next year, to 2021, without looking back at 2020.

Blog 13 – 02 06 20

2020 is bringing up thoughts in people’s mind not only of new a decade ahead, but of perfect vision.  Wouldn’t we love to know what is going to happen to the stock market this year and next to properly time market moves?

Blog 12 – 09 30 19

As an advisor, I have to take annual fraud training classes on videos of the latest schemes out there.  It is shocking to hear some of the stories of elder abuse.  The amount of elder abuse has been on a rapid rise.

Newsletter-Blog 11 – 09 16 19

Are you ready for the next tropical storm or hurricane?

Blog 10 – 08 01 19

It’s been awhile since my last post. The busyness of the Spring season caught up with me.   The summer season is rewarding in that it has provided more pockets of time to reflect.

Newsletter-Blog No.9 – 01 16 19

You made it through the hustle and busyness of December. Congratulations! As the New Year sets in many of us are thinking about ways we can improve our habits and reflect on lessons learned from the year before.

Newsletter-Blog No. 8 – 12 19 18

We are in the thick of the busy holiday season.

Newsletter-Blog No. 7 – 12 05 18

Ok, so do you have a budget in place for holiday gift buying? According to Dave Ramsay, the average American making $50,000 spends $800 on holiday gifts.

Newsletter-Blog No.6 – 11 21 18

Since we are into November and in the season of thankfulness, I was recently reminded of this quote, “You don’t ‘have’ to. You ‘get’ to.”

Newsletter-Blog No.5 – 11 07 18

What show have you binged watched this past year?

Newsletter-Blog No.4 – 10 17 18

Hopefully you are enjoying the Fall season and are not stressed out.

Newsletter-Blog No.3

Young adults are often in need of finding ways to get credit.

Newsletter-Blog No.2

Aretha Franklin died without a will

Newsletter-Blog No.1

How to get perfect credit

The case for women working past 65

Why striving to stay in the workforce a little longer may make financial sense.

Financial Elder Abuse

Perception vs. Reality.  Someday, you or your parents could be at risk.

Should You use 529 Plan Funds on K-12 Education 

When President Trump signed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act into law late in 2017, new possibilities emerged for the tax-advantaged investment vehicles known as 529 college savings plans. Funds from these accounts may now be used to pay for qualified elementary and secondary school expenses under federal law.1

Retirement Planning Weak Spots

Many households think they are planning carefully for retirement. In many cases, they are not. Weak spots in their retirement planning and saving may go unnoticed.

Financing a College Education

A university education can often require financing and assuming debt. If your student fills out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and does not qualify for a Pell Grant or other kinds of help, and has no scholarship offers, what do you do?

Retirement Gender Gap

What is the retirement outlook for the average fifty-something working woman? As a generalization, less sunny than that of a man in her age group.

What Should You Keep

Fewer taxpayers are itemizing in the wake of federal tax reforms. You may be one of them, and you may be wondering how many receipts, forms, and records you need to hold onto for the future. Is it okay to shred more of them? Maybe not.

Wise Money Moves Young Women Can Make

As a young woman, you have an opportunity to make some major financial strides. You truly have time on your side when it comes to investing, saving, and harnessing the power of potential compounding. Now is the time to pay yourself first and do those things that could make you wealthy in the future.

Monthly Economic Update – March 2018 

Investors certainly received a wake-up call in February. A correction hit Wall Street for the first time in nearly two years, and benchmarks overseas were also challenged.

Why You Want a Retirement Plan in Writing

Many people save and invest vaguely for the future. They know they need to accumulate money for retirement, but when it comes to how much they will need or how they will do it, they are not quite sure.

An Estate Plan or a Wealth Transfer Strategy?
Basic estate planning documents may not communicate your intentions.
There are three degrees of estate planning: advanced, basic, and none at all. Basic is better than none, but elementary estate planning can still leave something to be desired. While appropriate documents may be in place, they may not be able to fully convey what you really want to do with your estate.

Good Financial Steps to Take When You Get Married
If you’re going to say “I do,” here are some things you might want to do.
Are you marrying soon? Have you recently married? As you begin your life together, it is important for you to start planning your financial future together and putting your finances on the same page. Here are some priorities you might want to write down on your financial to-do list.

How Much Should You Save By Age 30, 40, 50, or 60?
What number should you strive to reach?
It is agreed that the earlier you start saving for retirement, the better. The big question on the minds of many savers, however, is: “How am I doing?” This article will show you some rough milestones to try and reach. (Keep in mind that you may need to save more or less than these amounts based on your objectives and lifestyle and income needs.)

Is a Home an Investment
From one perspective, the answer is yes; from another, no.
When you buy a home, are you investing? If you buy it to flip it or buy it as a rental property, the answer is yes. If you buy a home simply to live in it, the answer may be no. Your home is an expression of your lifestyle, a wonderful setting for your life, and a place you can enjoy in privacy and comfort.

Retiring Before 60
If that is your dream, explore whether these steps could be useful to take.
You will need abundant retirement savings and ways to access your retirement assets that lessen or avoid early withdrawal penalties. You may also need to have other, sometimes overlooked, components of retirement planning in place.

Tax-Loss Harvesting
A useful year-end move to counteract capital gains.
It looks like 2017 will end up being a very good year for the stock market. Consequently, you may realize short-term capital gains. What will you do about them? You could do what many savvy investors do—you could “cash in your losses” and practice “tax-loss harvesting.”

The Financial Toll of Addiction
Opioid abuse threatens to wreak havoc on family finances and retirement plans.
Imagine your retirement dreams put on hold or compromised, your savings and investment accounts reduced, and your loved ones in-communicative or at odds with each other. This terrible state is reality for families ravaged by addiction.