Assessment of current investment assets
 Develop and design a game plan for

alignment of risk and cash flow needs
 Quarterly investment educational newsletter
 Wealth accumulation and distribution strategies
 Use of passive and active investment managers
 Tactical and strategic investment strategies
 Goal oriented savings strategies
 Tax harvesting planning
 Stock options planning
 Disciplined and educational process

Build and protect your wealth—and we will find tax efficient ways to distribute your wealth.
That is Our Job!


Investors typically use their gut instincts about what is best for them when choosing a strategy. We believe this is counter intuitive to investing wisely. In truth, if you wait until you are comfortable, you likely will have missed the opportunity. That’s how the market works.

At the same time, investors deserve more resources in an effort to preserve their investment portfolios. Our investment committee maximizes various strategies and provides customized solutions. We believe in active and passive managers, all designed to help you seize opportunities while managing risk, as much as possible, through both strategic and tactical strategies.


If you are looking to preserve your retirement income, we can help you navigate the complex web of annuities and other products that are geared for clients looking to retire with confidence. We present you with the ideas and recommendations that best address your unique needs.