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It’s your life – you need a plan to see how it all connects – from all the facets of personal planning.


Planning for your retirement can be about much more than ensuring that you and your family have the resources to meet your needs in the future. For some, it’s also about envisioning, and then actualizing a “second” life. It could be your opportunity to start the business you’ve always dreamed of; begin a new hobby; or purchase a vacation home in your favorite getaway spot. Whatever retirement means to you, we work with you from the very start, in an effort to make it a reality. Our clients know that as they go about their lives today, their investments are working hard towards their future dreams.


The cost of higher education can be astronomical. Very few people are in the fortunate position of not having to worry about cost. But you do not need to be wealthy to send your children to college. Work with us to proactively plan for tuition and expenses, in an effort to be better positioned when it’s time to pay the bill. What if it’s too late to plan ahead? That’s where our strategic and tactical abilities shine. We have the expertise to look at your total picture and create forward-thinking strategies for financing college. Either way, the sooner you begin, the better. So, if making sure your children get the best college education you can afford is your “why,” then we encourage you to start making plans now.


How you manage your wealth now will have a monumental impact on your family after you are gone. Proactive wealth management ensures that your directives can easily be executed while minimizing stress and seeking the greatest financial advantage (including tax advantage) for everyone involved. It may seem as though all estate planning is proactive by definition, but true proactive estate planning takes into account that much will change from the time you create your plan, to the time it is implemented. Most financial planning companies will ask you for updates to your plan annually, and possibly, even less frequently. Our team manages your estate plan the same way we manage your overall wealth—as a living, dynamic plan that requires focused and regular attention from a team of professionals. We do not provide tax or legal advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax or legal advisor.


Not so long ago, even somewhat high net worth individuals equated financial planning primarily with security—specifically, making sure their families would be taken care of in the future. Today, even those without great wealth often have plans for their money that extend far beyond a secure future. Giving to an organization with a mission aligned with your own values, can be one of the most rewarding and generous gestures a person can make. When we look at your goals for your money, we also consider where you want to put your resources to work for the greater good and consider this aspect of your overall planning one of the most important tasks we undertake.


As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst,™ Elaine Shanley helps you navigate through your separation, divorce, and afterwards, to seek your financial strength. We use reports that aid collaborative and family law attorneys; possibly helping to reduce the cost of your divorce. Elaine also offers divorce workshops through the non-profit WIFE (Women Institute for Financial Education).


Our complimentary servcie to you: helping to keep everything safely in order, so you are ready for anything. With your personal Everplan,™ depending on what matters to you, and your unique circumstances, we’ll help you focus on what’s most important to you and your family. Organize, store and securely share: Everplans helps you organize your vital documents and final wishes. It guides you through what to save and gives you a place to save it. It also provides tips, checklists and cheat sheets to make organizing the hard stuff easy. Everplans offers secure storage so you can safely save all your information in one, convenient place. It’s like an electronic safety-deposit box. Everplans lets you designate “deputies”—friends, family, other beneficiaries or advisors—who have access to all or some of your information. So that even after you’re gone, you have control over who sees what.